Married to an industrialist – Karan Bhatia, Aanchal joined family business in 2005 and entered the Uttam Group of companies as the managing director. Since then, she has been innovating the way Uttam has been working and is credited to launch revolutionary products. The Oxygo cylinder (A portable oxygen supplying kit) changed the lives of millions and gave them freedom from monstrous steel cylinders. She continued her journey as an entrepreneur and pioneered the concept of concierge medicine in India with Texas Medical Concierge with a motto of integrating health beyond borders. TMC exploits cutting edge technology and is a one-stop-shop for all kind of medical needs. From private health management to corporate health solutions, Texas Medical Concierge excells in every domain with its extensively woven world wide network and outreach along with a robust team of concierge physicians who have been trained to provide world class medical services